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Table of Contents

  1. The Shell
    1. Introducing The Shell
    2. Navigating Shell History
  2. String Basics
    1. Introducing Strings
    2. Adding Strings
  3. Variables
    1. Introducing Variables
    2. Using Variables and print()
    3. Writing Programs
    4. Storing Calculations In Variables
  4. For Loops
    1. Introducing For Loops
    2. Indentation
    3. Basic For Loop Exercises
    4. Building Up Strings
    5. Building Up Strings Exercises
    6. Basic Terminology
  5. If Statements
    1. Introducing If Statements
    2. Combining Compound Statements
    3. Understanding Programs With Snoop
    4. if and else
    5. The Equality Operator
    6. Introducing elif
    7. Other Comparison Operators
  6. Lists
    1. Introducing Lists
    2. Building New Lists
    3. Using break to end a loop early
    4. Getting elements at a position, range(), and len()
    5. Terminology: Calling functions and methods
    6. Functions and Methods for Lists
    7. More List Functions and Methods
    8. String Methods and Immutability
    9. How to Find Information with Google, and more
    10. Understanding Programs With Python Tutor
    11. == vs is, and Having Multiple Names for One Value
    12. Modifying While Iterating
  7. A Bit More About Strings
    1. Single and Double Quotes in Strings
    2. f-strings
  8. Nested Loops
    1. Introducing Nested Loops
    2. Understanding Programs with Bird's Eye
    3. Introducing Nested Lists
    4. Looping Over Nested Lists
  9. Functions
    1. Defining Functions
    2. Calling Functions Within Functions
    3. Returning Values From Functions
    4. Testing Functions
    5. return ends the function call
  10. Boolean Operators
    1. Introducing or
    2. Introducing and
    3. Multi-line statements
    4. Combining and and or
    5. Introducing not
  11. Tic Tac Toe Project
    1. Checking the board for winners
    2. The newline character, format_board
    3. Types